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Jeuveau LogoVertical lines and creases between the brows have a new temporary solution called Jeuveau. Jeuveau is the latest FDA-approved cosmetic neurotoxin on the market, and our Los Angeles plastic surgeon—Christine Petti, MD—is thrilled to offer this injectable wrinkle relaxer to her patients who desire a younger-looking appearance. Jeuveau is specifically designed to address moderate to severe wrinkles between the eyebrows, which can make you look older and more tired than you are, or even create a distressed or angry appearance.

Learn more about Jeuveau by reading the informative sections below. To find out if Jeuveau is right for you, please schedule a consultation at our practice.

What Is Jeuveau?

Jeuveau BottleJeuveau is a next-generation cosmetic neurotoxin, formulated with highly purified botulinum toxin type A. FDA-approved for the temporary treatment of moderate to severe glabellar lines (vertical wrinkles between the brows), injections of Jeuveau cause relaxation of the facial muscles that cause frown lines. The effects of Jeuveau have been shown to last between three to four months before re-treatment is necessary to maintain a smooth appearance. When compared with other injectable neurotoxins, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, Jeuveau results may become apparent more quickly (usually within two days following treatment) and can provide more effective treatment for deep glabellar lines in some patients.

Who Is a Candidate for Jeuveau?

Nearly any patient who desires a reduction in the prominence of frown lines for smoother skin can be a candidate for Jeuveau. During a consultation with Dr. Petti, she can help you determine if Jeuveau is the best treatment for addressing wrinkles and creases between your brows. Jeuveau is typically most suitable for patients with moderate to severe glabellar lines who have not been able to get the results they desire from other injectable neurotoxins. It can also be an excellent primary treatment for patients who have never tried other injectable neurotoxins before. For comprehensive facial rejuvenation, Dr. Petti may recommend including Jeuveau treatment with other injectables, non-surgical skin treatments, and/or facial plastic surgery.

What Happens During Jeuveau Treatment?

Once you have decided to follow through with Jeuveau treatment, the injection process takes only about ten minutes. Before injections begin, the skin is cleansed with an alcohol wipe and a cold compress may be applied to desensitize the skin in the treatment area. Next, Dr. Petti will ask you to make a frowning expression to identify the exact locations where the injections should be placed. She will then inject a precise amount of Jeuveau into the brow region for balanced results. Most patients do not find this process to be significantly uncomfortable, and describe the injection process as feeling like a series of pinches. Once the injections are complete, you may apply a cold compress for additional comfort.

What Results Can I Expect with Jeuveau?

Within approximately two days of treatment, you should start to see the results of your Jeuveau injections, and the full effects will likely be visible within two weeks. You may experience temporary redness, soreness, or bruising in the injection sites, but these effects should fade quickly. Once Juveau has taken effect, you should notice that the area between your brows is smoother and more relaxed. It will also become more difficult or even impossible to furrow your brows as before. In clinical trials, the majority of patients treated with Jeuveau experienced smoothing results that last between three to four months—but it is important to understand that the longevity of results can fluctuate among individuals. Once the results of your Jeuveau injections start to wear off, you can visit Dr. Petti for another treatment to maintain your youthful-looking skin.

How Much Does Jeuveau Cost?

At Dr. Petti’s practice, the price for Jeuveau is determined by the units of the product included in your treatment plan. Promotional pricing is sometimes available, and we encourage you to inquire about any current opportunities to save on your treatment. For patients who want to make treatment more affordable, we also offer financing through third-party lenders who provide low-/no-interest loans to qualified applicants. Major credit cards are also accepted, for your convenience.