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“Put it to the Test: SculpSure®”

Board certified plastic surgeon Christine Petti, MD shows The Doctors how SculpSure®, an innovative non-surgical fat reduction treatment, can effectively eliminate stubborn abdominal fat with laser technology. As Dr. Petti points out, SculpSure® treatment actually destroys fat cells beneath the skin to help patients address their concerns.

During the segment, three young women, Sarina, Amira, and Gabby, undergo a SculpSure® treatment session at Dr. Petti’s office. Prior to treatment, each of the women express having difficulty losing belly fat through diet and exercise, and a disinterest in undergoing a surgical procedure like liposuction to remove excess fat.

Dr. Petti shows the SculpSure® treatment process step-by-step and demonstrates that the procedure is completely customizable to suit the unique physical needs and goals of each patient. While in the process of receiving SculpSure® treatment, patient Sarina shows that the session is very comfortable and does not express any degree of discomfort.

Patient Amira joins Dr. Petti in the studio for the last portion of the segment to discuss her results with the panel and viewers. She underwent a series of multiple SculpSure® treatments with Dr. Petti to achieve optimal results and shares her impressive before-and-after photos. Dr. Petti explains that the number of SculpSure® treatments recommended ultimately depends on the patient’s goals; however, most patients should typically plan for an average of two to three sessions.