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“The Biggest Makeover Show Ever!”

Debra, 46, wanted a new, youthful look and underwent the ultimate facial makeover by plastic surgeon Dr. Christine Petti. Dr. Petti injected filler on Debra’s frown lines and crow’s feet, performed SmartLipo on her neck, added Sculptra to her forehead and cheeks for volume and Juvederm into the lips and performed a rhinoplasty. Watch our very own Dr. Petti during her feature on The Doctors “Biggest Makeover Show Ever” as she reveals her makeover patient Debra to the world!

Go Inside the OR

Dr. Ordon, plastic surgeon host of The Doctor’s explains how a face lift transforms a face. Click on the video below for an inside look into the operating room during Debra’s procedure with Dr. Petti. The following video contains footage of actual medical procedures and is graphic in nature.

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Debra’s Before and After Photographs