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“The Mommy Docs – Body After Baby”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Christine Petti performs the latest Smartlipo procedure on Amanda, a new mom. The innovative technique uses fiber optic laser technology to melt fat and tighten skin, and is so precise it only requires local anesthesia. The laser coagulates the blood vessels, resulting in less bruising and less swelling.

Amanda, 29, had the procedure performed days earlier and reveals the results onstage. Dr. Petti says she removed more than two liters of fat from Amanda’s belly, close to five pounds. Amanda was positioned on her back for the procedure, but due to the flexibility of the cable, Dr. Petti was able to suction Amanda’s back fat without having to turn her over onto her back or her side.

The surgeon says Amanda can expect significant improvement in weeks, but the final result can be seen in five to six months.

“It’s also an operation of sculpting,” Dr. Petti continues. “I was able to give her an hourglass figure. With smartlipo, using the small cable that we use for the laser, I’m actually able to get to certain areas where I couldn’t get to with a stiff cannula, like we use in traditional liposuction.”

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