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How long is the Recovery after Breast Lift with Augmentation?


Most women who undergo breast lift with augmentation are able to return to work and regular activities within a two-week period after their surgery. Some women heal more quickly than others. This can be due to several reasons, which may include the extent of their breast lift, the placement of their implants, how closely they follow post-operative instructions, and the amount of complete rest they allow themselves after surgery. As you heal, Dr. Christine Petti can give you updates on your progress and provide tips to help aid in your recovery during each post-operative visit. Also, if you have any questions after your procedure, you are welcome to call the practice to get the answers you need.

Many women also wonder how long it will take before their breasts will be back to normal after surgery. The answer to this question also varies; however, within the range of about three to six months, most women see the full results of their breast lift with implants. At this stage, breast implants typically have dropped and settled into place, incisions have healed, and scarring has significantly faded. Not following post-operative instructions is often the greatest hindrance to proper healing, so it is always recommended to closely adhere to Dr. Petti’s every suggestion. At every follow-up appointment, Dr. Petti will explain your progress, what changes to expect next, and approximately how much longer you may have to wait until healing is complete.

If you are considering breast augmentation with implants, please contact our practice to schedule a consultation with Dr. Petti.

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