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What is WarmSculpting with SculpSure®?

The FDA-approved SculpSure® system harnesses breakthrough thermal technology to perform the WarmSculpting treatment, which reduces areas of stubborn, excess fat non-invasively. Using a specific wavelength of laser energy, the SculpSure® device warms fat cells to between 42 and 47 degrees Celsius to induce destruction of fat cells (a process called “lipolysis”) without harming the skin or surrounding healthy tissue. The broken down fat cells are then flushed away by the lymphatic system, creating a leaner look in the treatment area.

What are the Benefits of WarmSculpting?

Cosmetic body contouring has never been as comfortable and simple as it is with WarmSculpting. For this reason and many others, WarmSculpting has become one of the most popular non-surgical treatments Dr. Petti performs. Non-invasive, fast, and comfortable, WarmSculpting is changing how patients address excess fat in “trouble spots.” The significant results speak for themselves and Dr. Petti has been featured on The Doctors to demonstrate the power of this groundbreaking system. Her expertise with the versatile SculpSure® system allows her to treat excess fat in the following areas:

WarmSculpting treatment sessions with SculpSure® are virtually painless compared to other non-surgical fat reduction options, such as CoolSculpting®, which can be extremely uncomfortable. Utilizing a flat paddle—no suction required—the SculpSure® device delivers thermal energy into the targeted area. This energy is designed to disrupt and destroy fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue. Your body can then eliminate the damaged cells through normal processes. Gentle yet effective, SculpSure® utilizes a controlled cooling system to help enhance your comfort throughout the process. The procedure can be completed in as little as 25 minutes, and WarmSculpting can address four areas at one time! After the treatment, you should be able to return to your normal routine immediately.

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Dr. Petti Presents on SculpSure®

For Cynosure University Webinar

Dr. Petti was the featured laser expert and host of Cynosure University’s Body Contouring Global Webinar held on May 28, 2020. Dr. Petti discusses energy-based body contouring technologies including Smartlipo laser liposuction for body sculpting, as well as WarmSculpting 25-minute nonsurgical fat reduction with SculpSure®:

What Happens During WarmSculpting Treatment?

Prior to beginning your WarmSculpting sessions, Dr. Petti will develop a customized treatment strategy aimed at improving your areas of concern. When you come to our office for your session there is minimal preparation required to get started. As you sit comfortably in the treatment room, the four paddles of the SculpSure® system will be positioned into the proper configuration against the surface of your skin. Once the paddles are in place, treatment can begin. The SculpSure® system will alternate between warm and cool cycles, as the fat cells are heated to a very precise temperature. The majority of patients describe the 25-minute process as “comfortable” and appreciate having the option to read a book, use their iPad, or listen to music during treatment. Immediately after your session your skin in the treated area may feel warm and appear flushed. A slight amount of swelling can develop as the body’s lymphatic system works to remove the damaged fat cells and flush them out of the body. For some patients, lymphatic massage can be beneficial for encouraging this process.

If you are interested in achieving maximum results or have a thick area of fatty tissue you would like to address with WarmSculpting, Dr. Petti may recommend that you return for repeat sessions on the same areas to accomplish a greater degree of fat reduction.

What Results Can I Expect after My WarmSculpting Treatment?

WarmSculpting offers gradual, natural-looking results. You should begin to see the benefits after about six weeks, with the final outcome visible after approximately 12 weeks. In general, you can expect to see a 24 percent reduction in fat in the treated areas. One therapy session can accomplish considerable improvement in body contour, although your cosmetic goals may require additional sessions. Dr. Petti will develop a customized treatment plan during your initial consultation.

We invite you to check out WarmSculpting before-and-after photos featuring Dr. Petti’s patients to see examples of the results that are possible with this innovative technique. Dr. Petti’s experience and expertise in administering WarmSculpting treatments helps her achieve optimal outcomes for her patients.

You can also see how WarmSculpting compares to similar treatments here.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions about WarmScultping with SculpSure®

Patients often have lots of questions about the innovative WarmSculpting technique. Below, Dr. Petti has provided some answers to some of her patients’ most common inquiries:

For more information about how WarmSculpting can help you achieve your body contouring goals, please contact our office today. Our knowledgeable medical team can answer your questions and help you schedule a consultation with Dr. Petti.

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