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“I have seen the light! I have a passion for laser aesthetic surgery, which, in my hands, produces superior cosmetic results!”

Dr. Christine Petti

With light and laser treatments, Dr. Petti is able to treat individual tissue types—skin, fat, blood vessels, red pigment, brown pigment, hair follicles— very specifically, with little to no damage typically done to the surrounding tissue. She has been using laser surgery in her private plastic surgery practice since 1994 and currently utilizes a variety of treatments and techniques to help address wrinkles, safely remove unwanted hair, and rejuvenate skin.

Dr. Petti performs laser surgery to non-traumatically dissect tissues in many of her operations, which can result in less bruising, swelling, and faster recoveries. She has been involved in the development and FDA studies of various techniques of laser aesthetic surgery. Dr. Petti is dedicated to providing patients with the highest level of care, and this includes continued medical education in all aspects of laser and other modern techniques of aesthetic medicine.

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