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Revision Breast Implant Surgery

Women often have breast implants in order to accentuate their natural breasts, seeking more appealing contours and a more youthful, sensual appearance. Hundreds of thousands of women seek breast implant surgery after childbearing, which leaves them with empty, droopy breasts, at a time in their life when they are peaking in their sexuality and feminine feelings. Patients also have implants placed during breast reconstruction surgery to rebuild the breasts with natural-looking results. However, some patients are ultimately dissatisfied with results from their original surgery. Many women seek revision breast surgery for various reasons that may include:

Although many breast augmentation procedures are extremely successful, the above-mentioned problems sometimes do occur and it is important to know that in most circumstances, they can be corrected. Dr. Christine Petti can help evaluate your unique situation, explore the details of your original surgery and develop an operative plan with the goal of helping you overcome your dissatisfaction with your previous breast surgery and give you the natural results that will meet your expectations and goals. To learn more about how Dr. Petti approaches breast revision surgery, please read her blog post, titled “Women Find New Hope After Unsatisfactory Breast Augmentation.”

The Procedure

There are a number of different ways that a breast revision surgery can be performed, depending on your needs and goals. In most cases, the original implants will be removed, the “pocket” or space where the implants are located (under the breast or under the muscle), most often needs to be modified. The implant pocket should be re-created to give a result that looks natural and soft with the new breast implants. Various surgical maneuvers that deal with the scar tissue must be performed and Dr. Petti takes pride and is very skilled in this aspect of the surgery. She often will create an internal suture repair that simulates an internal underwire bra to support the breasts so they do not drift outward or sink low. With the internal underwire suture technique, she strives to create a breast that has cleavage and is full, but natural and supported. It’s a wonder bra without the bra, but all the wonder. Dr. Petti will take extreme care to make sure the procedure conforms to your ultimate goals and that the results look natural, symmetrical, and pleasing.

Revision breast surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia.

Patient Results
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The Recovery

Depending on the type and extent of revision breast surgery you undergo, details of recovery will vary with each patient. Patients having implant removal can expect some degree of postoperative swelling and bruising. Dr. Petti tries to minimize this by placing all of her patients on Arnica Montana/ Bromelaid, a homeopathic remedy used to treat swelling, soreness and bruising, before and after the surgery. Additionally and most importantly in her opinion, is her goal to perform every operative procedure with as little surgical trauma as possible, so the tissues do not bruise and the recovery is not prolonged. Discomfort can be controlled with medication. A special surgical bra and bandeau is worn for a few weeks to support the breasts, keep the implants in their natural position and prevent bruising /swelling, so recovery is as ideal and quick as possible.

Strenuous activities and those that can cause undue strain on the breasts should be avoided for at least four to six weeks after breast revision surgery. Most patients are typically able to return to normal daily routines a few days after the procedure.

“Dr. Petti is an amazing surgeon. I am so happy with results from my procedure. Dr Petti is well respected in the medical community for her ability to solve difficult cases. Her surgery aftercare exemplifies her commitment to her patients. I was impressed with her attention to detail. Dr. Petti’s staff are professional and friendly.”
- Jacqueline C.

Breast Implant Revision FAQs

Contact Dr. Petti for Your Consultation

Dr. Christine Petti will be happy to meet with you in a one-on-one consultation to discuss all aspects of revision breast surgery. She will go over all the risks and benefits, answer your questions, and help you determine how the procedure can help you with your needs. Bring the operative records of your original breast surgery and your implant information, so she can develop the proper technical preparation for your unique surgical plan. Together, you and Dr. Petti will discuss and develop a treatment plan with the goal of helping you attain the beautiful breasts you have been hoping for. Please contact Dr. Christine Petti to schedule a consultation.

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