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Patient 2


Early 1 month result in a 31 year old female, professional and mother, s/p previous breast augmentation with subpectoral-saline breast implants with severe distortion, malposition, discomfort and loss of normal inframammary folds due to low implant position, also with post-pregnancy changes in torso—requested breast implant revision and “Mommy Makeover”. This is an early 1 month result following breast implant revision-replacement of round ,saline with Allergan, Natrelle-round, smooth subpectoral cohesive silicone gel breast implants, and use of Dr. Petti’s technique in which she custom designs a suture-supported internal under wire bra to recreate a more natural pocket for positioning of the new breast implants. Smartlipo of the abdomen, hips and mons pubis was also performed. No tummy tuck was requested or required. There is still swelling, but the results are much more balanced and natural in appearance, even at this early phase of healing. Bra size is 34 DD – Height is 5’ 2”, weight is 138 lb. — Smartlipo aspirate total was 2, 400 cc (1,550 cc from the abdomen) and total liposuction aspirate weight was ~5 lb. 5 oz

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