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SmartSkin CO2™ Laser Skin Rejuvenation

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With the SmartSkin CO2™ – a new and revolutionary fractional laser rejuvenation system – our female plastic surgeon, Dr. Christine Petti, can help you achieve your cosmetic enhancement goals much quicker and more effectively than other laser skin rejuvenation treatments.

SmartSkin CO2™ utilizes an array of technologies, so that you can have two treatments in one to provide:

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Dark undereye circle brightening
  • Pigmentation and redness reduction
  • Treatment of age spots
  • Treatment of scars
  • Sun damage
  • Neckline and hand rejuvenation
  • Skin tightening

SmartSkin CO2™ treatment for these and other conditions can give you more youthful-looking skin. Plus, the SmartSkin CO2™ incorporates Micro Ablative CO2 technology and a proprietary scanning delivery system which delivers skin resurfacing and collagen rejuvenation in one treatment! This results in total skin rejuvenation with a better and more immediate outcome. And the best part: the procedure itself involves significantly less downtime and discomfort than other laser treatments.

Real Patient Stories

Watch Dr. Petti and her patients speak about their experiences with SmartSkin CO2™.

Comprehensive Treatment in Very Little Time

With the SmartSkin CO2™ treatment’s ability to use multiple, effective technologies to rejuvenate your skin, the system ultimately improves all aspects of treatment. Plus, it’s completed in a fraction of the time most traditional methods take to achieve optimal results!

Some of the benefits of the SmartSkin CO2™ treatment include:

Total Rejuvenation

The SmartSkin CO2™ treatment’s combination of leading skin rejuvenation technologies enables it to give you a comprehensive treatment that incorporates all layers of aged and sun-damaged skin. Plus, the SmartSkin CO2™ treatment goes deep into the collagen structures of the skin to address laxity – resulting in tighter, smoother skin.

Effective Results

With MultiPlex technology, the SmartSkin CO2™ treatment system can issue two wavelengths of energy in one pulse from the same device. Dr. Petti can use lower energy levels treat damaged skin without compromising results, leading to a more rapid recovery time and much less discomfort during the procedure compared to other technologies which use a single wavelength.

Treatments Faster by 400%

SmartSkin CO2™ treatments can give you quick and significant skin renewal with minimal discomfort and beautiful results. What’s more, treatment withSmartSkin CO2™ is exceptionally convenient – rejuvenating your skin in about the time it takes to get away for a quick lunch break!

Contact Dr. Christine Petti for more information on the SmartSkin CO2™.

Patient Spotlight

A Firm Believer in SmartSkin CO2™! Beautiful Skin in a Fraction of the Time!

As I look in the mirror, as we all do every day, all of a sudden I’ve noticed signs of aging, I feel my skin tone and texture has changed. I see uneven pigmentation on certain areas of my face. My acne scars and pores seem much more pronounced! My skin looks so dull and uneven.I researched about what I could do to help my dull, weathered skin “glow” again and look refreshed with minimal downtime.

I chose to have a consultation with Dr. Christine Petti, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon because of her extensive experience and expertise in laser and non-laser skin resurfacing which she has done for over 15 years.

During my consultation, Dr. Petti listened to me and my wishes. Then, she asked me a lot of questions about my skin, sun exposure, skin problems, skin care habits and examined my skin. I had photographs taken and then I had a high tech skin analysis called VISIA-a computer generated skin complexion analysis. From that analysis, I could see how much my skin was damaged from the sun, and how I had wrinkles I never knew I had! Dr. Petti explained all of the options to me, and then made a customized treatment plan for my skin and my lifestyle. She recommended the SmartSkin CO2™ laser peel for my skin, as she felt it would give me the best treatment for the early signs of aging and the acne scars I had, and yet meet my desire of a minimal downtime. The SmartSkin CO2™ treats wrinkles, fine lines, scars, pigmentation and age spots. I had all of these to some degree so I was thrilled to learn how the SmartSkin CO2™ could help my skin. Dr. Petti explained the SmartSkin CO2™ will stimulate and remodel my collagen providing me with healthier and firmer skin over time and especially with repeated treatments. She said the SmartSkin CO2™ treatments can be repeated and customized to provide a quick peel of 3 days to a moderate peel of 5 days to a deeper peel of 7 days, and this was good news as I knew that I would be interested in having “more” if the results were as I anticipated.

I had the SmartSkin CO2™ to my face and neck. The treatment was done in 1 hour. Dr. Petti numbed my face and neck with a topical cream. I was very numb in a few minutes. The actual treatment was comfortable and she used a special chilling machine to cool the skin which was great.

Afterward, I looked like I had a mild sunburn, yet I truly had no pain. After the SmartSkin CO2™ treatment, I used a very simple skin care regime and later, Clinique Medical for post treatment healing.

I am now continuing to treat my skin with the medical skin care products that Dr. Petti provides in her Medical Spa, Spa Bella. I want to be religious with my home skin care, so that I can make my results last.

The following day after the SmartSkin CO2™ treatments I was able to work with no problems. I peeled lightly 2 days after the SmartSkin CO2™, and was completely peeled in 5 days when I went out on the weekend in full makeup. My skin was smooth, tight and glowing! My eyes especially looked so bright and my eyelid skin was firm. I felt beautiful! I received compliments from friends whom I had not seen in months. They said I looked radiant and refreshed! That is exactly my wish–to look refreshed, rejuvenated, and be recovered within a week! I love the SmartSkin CO2™ and I always recommend it to all my friends. I tell them that they too can “glow”, like I do because of Dr. Petti and her SmartSkin CO2™!