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Which Implant Placement Provides the Most Natural Appearance?

When weighing the options for your breast augmentation there will be many factors to consider, including breast implant placement, which can be positioned above or below the pectoral muscle. This decision can affect the fullness, appearance, and feel of the end result. Generally speaking, there are no hard and fast rules that dictate which position will give you the most natural appearance possible, but our skilled plastic surgeon, Dr. Christine Petti, can help you determine the right options for your needs and goals during your initial consultation. In the meantime, we can provide some insight on how placement typically affects the result.

In many cases, below the muscle placement will benefit you if you have thin skin or a small frame with minimal natural breast tissue. However, if skin laxity is present, subpectoral placement potentially could exacerbate this concern. A breast lift can help to correct this.

To achieve the most natural breast movement, or “bounce,” possible, you may wish to consider a smooth surface implant or placement above the muscle, which will allow for greater mobility

Above the muscle placement may provide greater mobility regardless of the texture or shape of the implant. If a natural breast curve is a high priority for you, cohesive gel “gummy bear” implants can offer greater fullness and a natural shape to create the soft slope many women request.

If this all seems confusing, don’t worry. At our practice we utilize computer-imaging technology to show you the predicted results based on your anatomic measurements, chosen breast implant type, and placement location. We can adjust the outcome by switching out different sizes and shapes, as well as by modifying the placement, until you find the look you love.

For more information about breast implant placement or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Petti, please contact our office today.