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“Happy New Year to the #1 Most Gifted Surgeon!”

Dear Dr. Petti, Happy New Year to the #1 Most Gifted Surgeon! Just a little note to say that I look forward to more “beautifying” appointments with you and to say thank you. I’ve noticed a greater sense of confidence in my appearance since you did my tummy and work […]


“You earn every compliment, award, and kudos”

“Dr. Petti you are a kick ass warrior, brilliant scholar, AMAZING surgeon, mom, wife and friend. You work(ed) your ass off to be THE best surgeon in the South Bay. You earn every compliment, award, and kudos. It is OUR privilege to be able to call you ours!”


“I could feel a difference in my skin that same day.”

“I’d always had problem skin, combination oily and dry, discoloration, rosacea, acne, you name it. Dr. Petti recommended I have a SkinWave facial treatment. I had my first one a few days ago and my skin is amazing! The process was actually very relaxing and comfortable, not like some of […]


“Dr. Petti is an artist and a scientist!”

“Dr. Petti is an artist and a scientist! As a woman herself, she understands what we as women are seeking to make ourselves look our best. I have taken full advantage of her talents and offerings over the past 10 years and look better now than I did before I […]


“Dr. Petti and her staff are fantastic!”

“Dr. Petti and her staff are fantastic! The professionalism and care I experienced is superior, and Dr. Petti receives my highest recommendation. Fighting the aging process is a never-ending battle, and the treatment I received – including smart lipo, smart skin, and botox – improved my confidence and quality of […]

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