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Dr. Petti Featured on Aesthetic TV at THE Aesthetic Show 2015

Lending her expertise as a respected board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christine Petti participated in a panel discussion for Aesthetic TV at THE Aesthetic Show 2015. The general topic of discussion focused on the controversial and increasingly popular topic of “botched” plastic surgery – How does it happen? Who is to blame? And what can be done? Throughout her life and career, Dr. Petti has placed the strongest possible emphasis on ethics, and she was very glad to have been given the opportunity to offer sound logical advice, insightful observations, and her philosophical views on plastic surgery to the conversation.

More than anything, Dr. Petti stressed the importance of choosing a board certified plastic surgeon with good references to perform any type of aesthetic procedure. She also emphasized that the doctor-patient relationship must be one of trust, honest communication, and mutual respect in order to properly facilitate a successful plastic surgery experience.

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