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Cellulaze Becoming More Popular in the Media

Dr. Christine Petti Featured in the San Diego Union-Tribune – The Popularity of Cellulaze™ is On the Rise

A recent feature in the San Diego Union-Tribune is one more example of the rapidly rising popularity of Cellulaze™. Our own Dr. Christine Petti was interviewed for the article, which details the experience of her patient in Redondo Beach and talks to Dr. Petti and plastic surgeons in San Diego who are now offering this innovative treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Dr. Petti was one of the six clinical investigators involved in the original FDA study on Cellulaze™, and recently appeared on the popular medical series The Doctors discussing the procedure. Dr. Petti has treated more than 60 patients with Cellulaze™, and expects that number to grow much higher as people realize the amazing and unprecedented benefits this procedure can offer. With the continuous media attention and the expanding number of women interested in Cellulaze™, Dr. Petti says more and more women can find an effective solution to the frustrating problem of cellulite! Dr. Petti is a clinical physician trainer of both Cellulaze™ and Smartlipo™, and she can perform both Cellulaze™ and Smartlipo™ at the same time on select patients.

To learn more about Cellulaze™, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Christine Petti to talk about how this procedure can help you achieve your goals, please contact Palos Verdes Plastic Surgery Medical Center today.