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Breast Augmentation Torrance Los Angeles Beverly Hills Area

I think breast augmentation is an amazing operation because it produces an immediate result, however that result is going to be seen. And so in my opinion and I think in most women’s opinion they don’t want that result to be seen coming at them before you see the person. In other words you don’t want to see the breasts before you see the person. Most women these days want breasts that look natural, they want a return of a shape that many of them once had but things have changed in terms of what’s happened to their body as a result of pregnancy or perhaps weight gain and weight loss. And so they’re seeking a breast and I want to produce a breast that looks full and has cleavage, has a nice outer shape to it in terms of the fold of the breast as it meets the arm or the outer chest region. And then also that it has fullness on top but isn’t popping out. And there are various techniques that I use to accomplish this end result.

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