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Tummy Tuck Breast Augmentation Los Angeles Beverly Hills Area Patient Story

I had a breast lift and augmentation and a full tummy tuck and the reason I came is I’d had three children at 32, three pregnancies and I had breast fed all three of my children. And after the pregnancies and the breastfeeding I felt like my body didn’t reflect my lifestyle or how I felt, who I felt I was inside, even though I was in very good shape, thin, exercised, there were things that I couldn’t get back into shape. I had a lot of loose shape. I came to Dr. Petti because I had heard about her in the community, I live in Palos Verdes, and I had heard that she had a good reputation, she gave some talks on women’s health and so on and so forth in the community and I’d heard good things about her, so I made an appointment to have a consultation with her based on that.

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