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A “Must Read” Makeover Story

“There are so many different ways that I can tell my story because this was not only a medical procedure but it was truly a life change. I will try and sum it up although my story is so amazing. I truly hope that my story will help other women that are just like me…

Mothers are beautiful people we run around doing all we can for your children, and always putting our children first. We do this day in and day out for years! In the end, our children go off to college and one day we look down and find this pouch hanging from our body’s. For years we have ignored it and in fact we have grown to accept it. I thought I would be wearing it the rest of my days. I was one of those women that had always admired the beautiful panties and lingerie we all see in the magazines that arrived at my home and I thought that they were only for young women.

That was until I met Dr. Petti. The thought of writing this letter still brings tears to my eyes because of what she was able to do for me. My husband and I found ourselves alone both our two children went off to college without a second thought. I wondered how the transition of going from a full house of children and their friends to an empty nest would be and all of a sudden that ugly pouch scarred me. I was not a person that had ever given any serious thought of going through such a procedure but, suddenly I begin to consider what if?

After researching what life might be like I decided to come in for a consult. I want all women to know it was not easy for me to make this visit. I took my husband with me and asked him to be there for moral support and to help me not talk myself out of it. In the end, when I now look down at my body I no longer see an ugly belly. My belly is flat yes flat like it has never been before. It is not the body of a 55 year old women. I am now wearing the beautiful lingerie the very same one’s I use to admire in the magazines that were arriving ever so often. In fact, I now own almost every color you can buy. Oh, and by the way the fear I had about the empty nest that’s is all gone now too. How funny now that I look back my husband and I are enjoying our time together. The women that I use to look at that would go by my table at a restaurant with the flat bellies well, that’s now me going by. The result are better than I dreamed they be. I have no regrets and I have never been happier. To all the women that are thinking about doing this……. I offer one bit of advice stop thinking about it and do it! I only wish I could have made one minor change, I wish I would have done this 20 years sooner. For now I am enjoying the rest of my life with my husband and he too jokes around and says “thank you Dr. Petti”. ”

– Smartlipo TriplexTriplexSmartlipotrade;trade;trade; Patient

Thank you for trusting me with your life and your body!

This is the most beautiful letter I have ever received. I am very privileged to have you as my patient. As a woman, mother and wife, I can truly understand everything that you wondered wished for and questioned. I congratulate you for having the fortitude to pursue your dreams. I am lucky to be the one to make them come true. I am very respectful of you, your safety and your dreams. I feel rewarded not only by your physical outcome, but also, your heightened psyche and return of self esteem. I know you will maintain your new figure-and I am happy you and your husband think of me, as you enjoy your new figure. Again, thank you for the privilege.

Respectfully and gratefully,
Christine Petti, M.D. F.A.C.S.

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