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Breast Augmentation Revision Patient Testimonial

I am so happy with the results of my breast augmentation revision. I can’t tell you the depth of my regret that I didn’t find Dr. Petti for my initial surgery!

Dr. Petti was the only doctor with whom I consulted who spent a lot of time looking at my breasts and she seemed determined to see what had happened to me and what she could do to help.

Everyone in her office was attentive and comforting to me and I knew that each one of them cared about the outcome of my surgery. The whole experience was much more personal than a hospital setting; I was relaxed, felt taken care of, it was almost pleasant. I loved Anita and Sharon….Loved the “no pain” IV from Dr. Moorman!

Thank you,
V.L. – Los Angeles Breast Augmentation Revision Patient