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Tricia’s Story

On August 31st, 2010, Dr. Christine Petti performed chin augmentation and SmartLipo™ treatment on Tricia McNatt, and wait until you see Tricia a year later! Tricia was about to be married, and wanted to improve a specific aspect of her appearance that she had long felt self-conscious about. We have followed the progress of Tricia for more than a year, and Dr. Petti and Tricia have even been featured on the hit series, The Doctors, to tell the story.

As you can see in the “before” photos, Tricia has microgenia, the medical term for a “small chin.” This anatomical deficiency in the jawbone is caused by genetics, and can often be corrected with chin augmentation. Dr. Petti and Tricia decided the best course of action to improve the appearance of her chin was to place a medium-sized silicone chin implant to give the area a more prominent, defined look. Dr. Petti then performed the innovative SmartLipo™ procedure on Tricia to melt surrounding fat and tighten the skin, providing added facial contour along the jawline and making the results appear even more natural and beautiful. After just three weeks, Tricia showed amazing results with a more contoured appearance in the chin and lower face, as seen on her follow-up appearance on The Doctors.

Just a few weeks after the procedure, Tricia was ecstatic about the results, as well as the whole treatment process here at Aesthetic Accents. “I’m actually kind of vain now! I look in the mirror… and I’m like, ‘I don’t have a double-chin anymore!’ I just knew in my heart this was the right thing to do. I can’t speak more highly for everybody [involved in my care.] After the surgery, people checked on me. Every day people from the office called me to find out how I was doing, how I was feeling. You can’t put a price on care. I felt like everybody here really did care.”

Now, one year later, take a look at Tricia!

She not only looked terrific for her wedding nearly a year ago, but the results after all this time show an even greater improvement. Tricia is an actress, a dance instructor, and a writer/producer of her own program, and you can see in the following video clip of her work the amazing aesthetic results of her chin augmentation compared to a year ago before surgery. And it’s hard not to notice her talent as well! She feels great, looks great, and walks with confidence and with her chin held high, and we are so excited for her success!

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