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His and Hers Transformation: John

There are many reasons to consider undergoing plastic surgery. Some individuals seek to modify a single bothersome concern while others desire to restore a more youthful appearance. For one military couple, the reason for choosing cosmetic enhancement from Dr. Christine Petti was simple: love. In this blog series, we will hear about two U.S. Air Force members, John and Liz, and the decision to achieve their aesthetic goals together before walking down the aisle.

John experienced a number of unwanted conditions growing up, including acne, excess weight, and near-sightedness, which he says caused him to feel self-conscious. Naturally driven, he actively worked to find solutions to his issues, exercising regularly, visiting a dermatologist, and replacing his glasses with contacts. Though he made great strides, acne scars and stubborn fat still distressed him. It wasn’t until years later, serving in the military in Iraq, that his perspective on life, his personal goals, and his overall priorities changed dramatically. John decided he would achieve his aesthetic aspirations and develop a stronger sense of confidence not only for himself, but also for his friends and family.

This is when John reached out to our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Petti. Seeking first a solution to his childhood weight troubles, he received Smartlipo Triplex™ treatments to help reduce the excess fat around his waist. It wasn’t long after his second procedure, and its resulting confidence boost, that he met his future bride, Liz, also a member of the Air Force. Among their numerous shared interests, Liz also valued health and fitness highly, having also experienced weight troubles as a youth. John introduced Liz to Dr. Petti, and she began her own journey of enhancement.

John sought to improve himself inside and out through his cosmetic treatments, and he attributes much of his success to Dr. Petti’s professional skill and compassionate care. Every patient’s motivations are unique – check back to our blog next week to learn more about Liz’s own reasons for seeking rejuvenation, and discover how love can inspire great changes.

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