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The consultations are so much fun. I mean it’s great to have new people come in here, and my goal is to educate them, also to make them very comfortable, because many of them have a great fear about coming in to see a plastic surgeon. And so the consultation process involves of course meeting my staff and then having their photographs taken, they’re then interviewed by me and I am a real doctor during the consultation, I mean I actually take history, I do an examination, we make diagnoses as to what the problem areas that they’re concerned about, and then we make a plan and this plan may contain various options, there’s not one thing always that’s right for the person, so they have to know what their options are and then of course what the consequences of each of those options are in terms of risks and benefits, recovery time, and then of course their final outcome. And the ultimate is that each patient that considers the procedure have a happy outcome, that’s the bottom line.

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