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Patient Success Story: Facelift & Neck Lift

Successful outcomes in facial plastic surgery demand a highly skilled, experienced, and attentive surgeon who possesses a keen sense of aesthetic balance and artistry. For any patient interested in achieving a more youthful facial appearance with a combined facelift and neck lift, Los Angeles plastic surgeon Christine Petti, MD, FACS, begins the process with an in-depth consultation. She prides herself on personally connecting with her patients to establish a foundation of mutual understanding, trust, and shared vision. During the appointment, Dr. Petti performs a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s needs and goals and develops a highly customized surgical plan aimed at creating optimal results. Dr. Petti chooses from a broad range of innovative surgical techniques to correct multiple signs of aging at the deepest levels and deliver balanced, natural-looking results.

For this featured patient, Dr. Petti was able to smooth and lift both the lower and mid-face regions, remove excess skin, address laxity along the neck, and define the jawline for a more refreshed and rejuvenated look. Dr. Petti’s goal is always to achieve a final result that looks natural and never overdone.

Dr. Petti has a unique technique she has developed in which she uses the Smartlipo® laser to dissect in a way that causes less tissue trauma and bleeding. She finishes the procedure with laser resurfacing of the skin around the forehead, eyelids, and mouth. Dr. Petti’s special efforts and modern techniques result in faster healing and natural results following face and neck rejuvenation.

The photographs we’ve included here reflect various stages of the surgical procedure, as well as a glimpse of the results in the early phase of healing. 


If you are interested in facial rejuvenation procedures performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon with a reputation for success, we encourage you to contact our office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Petti.

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