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My staff are vital to my practice. I could not survive without them. And what I learned in developing my practice, that you can develop a great physical space, have a beautiful Bella environment, however if you don’t have the personnel that can portray your philosophies then you won’t be successful. And I’ve been very fortunate over the years to have acquired a highly trained and professional staff that can be me at all times.
My name is Roberta Pulin and I work for Dr. Petti in the capacity of surgery coordinator. I prepare the patients for surgery, make sure they get all of their medical tests done that they need, and that their surgery may be performed in a safe way, and answer any questions that they have, just work with them very closely once they’ve scheduled surgery.
Well I’m Sandra Turner, I’m one of Dr. Petti’s patient coordinators, I also do massage therapy here along with consult with patients and take care of Dr. Petti and her practice.
Hi I’m Lynette and I’m Dr. Petti’s director of nursing. I worked with Dr. Petti for over the past 10 years. I’m the director of this surgery center plus I work with Dr. Petti when she’s doing treatments, seeing her post op patients with her along with some other nurses in our practice, and doing treatments under her guidance for her patients and surgery.
I think the most rewarding part about working here is that Dr. Petti is so good at what she does, it’s actually very easy to work here. I can say to a patient how good she is and I don’t say that because I work here, I work here because I can say that.

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