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Dr. Petti’s Virtual Beauty Gala with Q&A

Our very own Dr. Christine Petti held a virtual beauty gala detailing the various aesthetic treatments offered at the our practice. The live event was recorded and can be viewed below. The event, which was held on September 13th, also featured a Q&A segment with current and prospective patients. Dr. […]


Prejuvenation: Next-Generation Anti-Aging Skin Care

You’ve heard of skin rejuvenation, but what about prejuvenation? This aesthetic treatment philosophy is steadily trending among image-conscious millennials who want to begin preventing and correcting signs of skin aging at the earliest opportunity. Over the last few years, increasing numbers of women and men in their late teens to […]


RADIESSE® for Hand Rejuvenation

Due to constant exposure and the way our skin and tissues naturally age, hands can sometimes look older than the rest of our body. Fat and volume loss can make the tendons, joints, and veins of the hands appear more prominent, while thinning skin creates transparency and a crepe-like texture. […]


Shop for Stemology™ Skin Care Products Through Our Website

We are excited to announce that you can now browse and purchase Stemology™ skin care products online through our convenient shopping portal. Have all of your trusted Stemology™ products delivered directly to your home or office to save time and ensure you always have your favorites on-hand. We invite you […]