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Microdermaplaning Testimonial from Dr. Petti’s Daughter Jackie Stoneburner

“Microdermaplaning is my first choice as a customized skin care treatment. I have struggled with acne-prone, oily skin ever since high school and have sought to determine the best approach to managing these irritating blemishes. As Dr. Petti’s daughter and a USC Keck medical student, I have a keen interest in learning the methods by which skin treatments work. I am fortunate to have a mother like Dr. Petti, as she always takes the time to educate me about the chemical and biological foundations for each and every treatment.

For my own skin, microdermaplaning treatment at Dr. Petti’s Spa Bella has created incredible improvements. Dr. Petti and her registered nurses, Linette and Jenn, skillfully use microdermaplaning to rid the skin of its dry, crusty outer layers and open the pores up to fully absorb the micropeel chemical solution. Not to mention the microdermaplaning also shaves those little furry, fuzzy hairs off of every inch of my face, which gives me radiant, clear skin! I am proud of Dr. Petti’s commitment to excellence. At Spa Bella, I know I am only receiving the best.”

-Jackie Stoneburner